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Full installation service


The easiest option, we take care of everything, from making the pattern and templates, fabricating the panels to finally fitting your deck. We require very little time working on your boat. On average we will need a day to pattern and a couple of days to installation.The rest of the work is done in our workshop so you can continue to enjoy your boat with out interruptions.

Pre made shaped panels from patterns or templates


Send us a pattern or template of deck area required. (See patterning instructions) We will make a ready to install panel with or without margin boards. Them you can glue in place. (See gluing instructions).


Pre made rectangular panels


The most cost effettive option to enjoy a Permateek deck is to purchase rectangular pre made panels and cut them to shape using a Stanley knife. (See cutting instructions). This option is within the capabilities of anyone that likes DIY. Then glue in place and leave to dry 24h.