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One of the many advantages of choosing Permateek is that it is very easy to maintain. Permateek is a compound made with UV stabiliser and outdoor grade PVC allowing it to keep its colour unlike traditional teak, nor does it need the care of wood, you don’t have to varnish or use protecting oils or wax. Stains such as fish blood, squid ink, food and dirt can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
Wash your deck with soap and water:
Use a normal boat wash detergent or a small quantity of washing up liquid in the water. Ideally the best time to do this is after cruising as you would do normally. Should a spill of diesel, acetone or paint occurs wash immediately. For sun cream or food stains use hot water with soap.

Use a Nylon brush or non-scratch scourer:
A nylon brush will help you to release debris from the surface. Use a brush or non-scratch scourer with soap and water to loosen stubborn dirt. Never use normal scourer and always move the brush in.

Sanding the deck:
For bad scuffs, small cigarette burns and stains that have been left to dry, lightly sand with 40 grit sandpaper. Make sure you follow the direction of the grain with short strokes. If after sanding the area appears lighter in colour you can use a hair drier or heat gun to blend the tone or exposure to sunlight will work just as well. Don’t use a power sander ( it.) eliminar

What you should avoid
Black soled shoes, as these may leave marks on the decking surface also high heeled shoes may dent the surface.
Don’t use oil, varnish, paint, sealer’s or lacquers, Permateek doesn’t need maintenance as teak would. If any spilling should occur clean as quickly as possible to avoid damage.
Prevent dents where possible by placing felt pads on furniture legs. Don’t drag heavy objects across the surface of your synthetic deck, the force of such actions could cause a permanent scratch or dent.
Don’t place hot metals or other hot objects on your Permateek deck, this can burn the surface of the deck making it very hard to remove.